Top 30 Most Beautiful Hair Colors For Short Hair

Short hair is not only chic, but especially pleasant in summer. Who would n’t want to try such a cool short haircut with trending hairstyles like Little Bob and Mullet Pixie ? Cutting your hair short can completely transform your look, especially if you pair your new hairstyle with the right hair color. But which hair colors can best showcase short hair? Here you get exactly the right inspiration: We show the most beautiful hair colors 2023 for short hair.

Top 30 Most Beautiful Hair Colors For Short Hair

Cream Blonde Hair

Cream Blonde is the perfect combination of cool and warm blonde tones – that is, it basically flatters every skin tone and undertone! Even Selena Gomez dared a fresh makeover in 2023 and surprised her fans with this new hair color. You can read more about the trendy blonde shades this year here.

This creamy shade of blonde is ideal for natural blondes who want to add a little vibrancy to their short hair. For a natural, sun-kissed look, ask your colorist to add a few platinum blonde and yellow-cream highlights to your hair while keeping your dark roots.

Peanut butter and jam

This stunning look is a mix of blonde highlights on purple hair, the color of which is inspired by grape or raspberry jam. Delicious! This hair color trend can also be adapted to the skin tone. If you have fair skin with a cool undertone, your colorist will likely recommend a cooler purple base with caramel tones. Warm skin tones, on the other hand, harmonize with a warmer, maroon base and lively golden highlights. To find out how to find the perfect shade of purple for your skin tone, read this article.

Mushroom blonde / ash blonde

Mushroom blonde is one of the biggest hair color trends of 2023 and it looks wonderful on short hair. It’s a mix of cool blondes and browns with an ashy undertone. So it’s a great option for blondes who would like to darken their hair a bit, or for brunettes who want to go a little lighter but not light blonde. Mushroom Blonde offers the best of both worlds!

Rose Brown

Do you want to add a few pastel highlights to your short brown hair? Then this color trend is perfect for you. Brown hair is emphasized with soft, rose gold accents. The look is totally subtle and easy to care for. In this article you will find out how you can dye your hair rose brown yourself.

Purple balayage

If you want to spice up your mane for the summer without completely changing your hair color, you should go for a trend that involves the balayage or dip-dye highlighting technique. Hand-painted purple highlights look gorgeous on brown hair and make you feel like a mermaid.


As one of the hottest hair colors of 2023, silver just had to be on our list of the best hair colors for short hair. This chic color is totally stylish and can be worn by women of all ages.

Fire engine red

A daring hair color goes well with a short haircut! So let your short hair shine in a fiery red shade. This cool shade of red is perfect for anyone who wants to be the center of attention.

Honey blonde short hair

If you prefer classic shades of color, honey blonde for short hair is an excellent choice. Slightly darker than golden blonde, this medium blonde shade has a warm, orange-red undertone that adds warmth to your entire look. The honey blonde hair color is particularly flattering for women with light and medium skin tones.

Silver Lilac Hair

Another subtle pastel hair color for natural blondes that is worth trying is Silver Lilac Hair. The color has a blonde base with a silver tinge that gradually turns into a soft lilac shade. The color gradient also looks excellent the other way around, i.e. from purple to silver.


Do you want hair color that is as cheerful and carefree as you are? Try it with short hair in turquoise blue. This blue-green color is certainly not easy to maintain, but it will definitely add a touch of summer freshness to your look.

Dusty Mauve

If you’re craving a romantic and cute hair color, give Dusty Rose a try. With this muted shade of pink, you can show your feminine side and bring out your short hairstyle even better.


Do you have naturally dark hair? Then you can try the blackberry hair trend! The hair color is perfect for dark brown to black hair. Violet strands are placed in the hair, which provide special light reflections.


Here is another pastel hair color that we love for summer. Lavender! This soft purple shade looks great in combination with a silver shimmer.

Chili Chocolate

Who says brown hair has to be boring? If you want to add some dimension to your brunette mane, you should definitely not miss the Chili Chocolate hair trend. With this hair color for short hair, natural-looking red highlights are placed in the dark brown base.

Pastel pink hair remains in trend

We really like to wear the pastel hair trend, especially in summer! Because pastel pink hair looks even better with tanned skin! Learn more about the shades of pink in our article 30 Pink Hair Color Ideas Depending on Your Skin Type.

Ash brown / Mushroom Brown

If Mushroom Blond isn’t right for your type, then the darker version, Mushroom Brown, might suit you better. This trend color is perfect for all brunettes with a warm skin undertone.

Denim hair

Think of your favorite denim jacket and you can probably imagine what denim hair looks like. This trendy shade is totally customizable and can range from indigo to stone washed to acid wash.


Are you torn between blonde and brunette? The Bronde hair trend combines both and flatters light and dark types equally. The mix of blonde and brown is created by cleverly placed light highlights and a dark approach. Bronde is ideal for everyone who gives their hair a break from dyeing and bleaching and who want to let their roots grow out naturally.

Short black hair

Short black hair is undeniably an eye-catcher, even if some find the hair color simple. This shade gives its wearer a mystical aura, especially if she has blue eyes and light skin like Snow White.

Auburn / red brown

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a redhead? Now is your chance! The auburn color looks especially stunning on short hair. Depending on the incidence of light, the trend hair color looks sometimes reddish, sometimes brown. Whether you choose a light or dark version of the color is up to you.

Platinum blonde / white blonde short hair

Short, platinum blonde hair – and especially platinum blonde pixies – will guarantee you tons of attention. This look is made for the catwalk. Just keep in mind that white blonde hair requires the use of bleaching products which, if used in excess, can be harmful to your hair.

Fuchsia / magenta

Love the idea of a pink mane but want something that pops more than a pastel pink? Then fuchsia pink would be ideal! This hair color is a wonderful mix of bright pink and purple and results in an undeniably beautiful shade that will give your short hairstyle an extra round of wow.

Peach hair

Peach hair is arguably the most playful way to get a little makeover for summer 2023. The pastel peach tone is not as obtrusive as classic pastel hair, but still brings a fresh, fruity feeling with it.

Blue-Black – Cool ombre look for short hair

And here’s another variation on a black mane: short black hair in an ombré look with blue tips. This hair color is best for women with a warm complexion.

Caramel hair color for short hair

To give your short hair a new shine, you don’t necessarily have to go for a bright hair color. Caramel is also a nice idea if you want to stand out from the crowd and inspire with a natural look. Most celebrity ladies combine casual beach waves with their caramel hair color.

Short hair in copper

Caramel and copper brown are often confused. But the hair color copper is darker than caramel and has a reddish tone. Just think of a new shiny copper coin. By the way: Copper Bob is the most beautiful look for short hair in summer 2023.

Pastel green

We know what you’re thinking – green hair ? Believe it or not, green hair can actually be super chic – especially pastel green hair. Try this idea out with a sassy pixie haircut. To create a contrast, combine pastel green with a light brown approach.

Short hair in neon colors

Neon hair is totally in, and not just during the festival season! The bright neon hair colors that were popular in the late 80s and early 90s are now making a real comeback and making our hair shine. Whether neon peach, neon pink, neon green or neon yellow – the possibilities are endless. You can even make a statement with the Tequila Sunrise hair color.

Burgundy red

Love the idea of a red mane but not sure if you can get into bright red hair? No problem! Burgundy red gives you the red you crave without moving too far out of your comfort zone.

Rose gold

And last but not least, the color rose gold. Even if it’s not the latest trend, rose gold hair can still be seen all over social media. Whether you have light, medium or dark skin, we think that this modern hair color is just right for every woman.

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