The best 30 most beautiful hair colors that will bring your hair to life

After the long break, hairdressers have reopened! So it’s high time not only to get a new hairstyle, but also to breathe a little color into your hair. If you want a nice hairstyle makeover, be sure to check out the trending hair color trends! Finding the ideal hair color is of course not that easy. You need to take into account which hair color will best suit your skin tone. The care required for your new hair color is also very important.

The best 30 most beautiful hair colors that will bring your hair to life

When you’re ready to spice up your hair a bit, we can help. Below we introduce you to 30 of the most beautiful hair colors that are trending in 2022! Whether your hair is blonde, brown or red – you are guaranteed to find a modern shade to give your mane more oomph.

Hair color ideas: blonde

Silver Blonde Hair

Silver blonde is officially the hair color of the year 2022. It’s a hybrid hair color that combines blonde hair with a silver shade for a platinum-like look. The light metallic shimmer of the silver tones makes the hair color look very modern and flatters almost every skin type. Basically, it’s the perfect mix of everything you could want in a hair color!

Hair color pink blonde

Blonde hair will always be in vogue, but this year blonde is getting a refreshing update with warm rose gold tones. Rose-blonde is particularly popular with blondes in 2022! It’s a great choice for those who want to wear a pop of color without being too flashy. Find out what pink-brown looks like in brunettes here.

Blonde roast hair

Bronde will stay in 2022 too, but is getting a nice upgrade too. Blonde Roast is also a stunning mix of blonde and brunette and makes the hair look like it has been kissed by the sun. As the name suggests, the hair color is inspired by coffee. With the trend hair color, the hair is dark brown at the roots and becomes lighter to the tips in a natural-looking way.

Champagne Blonde Hair

If you want to stay true to your blonde tone but also want to spice it up a bit, champagne blonde is exactly the right hair color for you. This rosy, golden blonde shade has hints of cool pink tones that add a playful touch to your mane.

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Hair color platinum blonde

Platinum blonde will continue to be one of the hair color trends in 2022. This icy hair color is a hit with YouTubers and Tik Tokers alike, so we’ll be seeing her everywhere this year. To ensure that your platinum blonde hair always looks well-groomed, you need to plan regular visits to your colorist. Another nice option would be to let the approach grow out a little.

Nude hair

With the immense popularity of nude makeup, it’s no wonder that nude hair has become a trend too. Think of this hair color as the ultimate neutral shade – not too cool like platinum blonde and not too warm like golden blonde. Nude is often associated with the hair color of a natural blonde.

Strawberry blonde

You don’t have to choose between red and blonde hair because strawberry blonde makes the choice so easy. The hair color is the perfect mix between brown, auburn, and blonde and is the perfect way to bring blonde and light red hair to life.

Dark Ash Blonde Hair

As the name suggests, this hair color is a combination of dark blonde and light brown with a gray shade of ash. So, if you have dark blonde or light brown hair and are looking for a way to add some dimension to your mane, ash blonde is a great choice.

Hair color ideas: brown

Twilight hair

When you hear the word “Twilight” you might think of the movie first, the color has nothing to do with it. Twilighting is a new hair coloring technique that is a mix of balayage and babylights and also achieves a natural color effect. The new hair trend is ideal for brunettes who want to spice up their dark hair color.

Dulce De Leche hair color

Gone are the days when you had to completely bleach your brown hair in order to lighten it. With the Dulce de Leche hair trend, you can combine a warm shade of brown as a base with caramel blonde balayage highlights to create breathtaking depth. The highlights are applied freehand and can be completely adapted to your own wishes.

Chili Chocolate Hair

This hair trend uses the balayage dyeing technique to add warm red tones to brown hair. Instead of using bright, bold shades of red, the colorist uses natural-looking shades of red to highlight individual strands and achieve a sun-kissed look.

Chocolate Mauve Hair

Pastel highlights can also be conjured up in dark brown hair! With Chocolate Mauve Hair, the roots remain chocolate to dark brown, while the tips are colored with rosy nuances using the balayage technique.

Espresso Hair

As the name suggests, this trendy hair color uses the browns and blacks of dark espresso to particularly highlight a dark mane. The coffee colors look fabulous with dark skin tones and make green eyes shine beautifully.

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Cinnamon hair

If you want to add a little extra warmth to your brown hair, cinnamon brown is a cool option for you. This trendy hair color perfectly mimics one of our favorite spices and is brought to life through the interplay of brown, fox-red and red highlights.

Mushroom hair

The mushroom hair trend made its debut in 2021, but it’s still on the rise. There are versions of this ashy hair color for both blondes and brunettes. For this look, a number of lowlights and highlights are placed on the ash brown hair. The best thing about it? The ashy undertones hide gray hair perfectly !

Toffee hair

This hair color trend is inspired by caramel candies. Generally there are two versions of the hair color: toffee brown and toffee blonde. For the first variant, medium and caramel brown highlights are dyed into dark brown hair, and for the second golden blonde highlights are worked into medium brown hair.

Hair colors in reddish brown and orange tones

Burnt Orange Hair

Burnt orange is exactly what you imagine – hair dyed a rusty, orange shade. But the trend has several variations. Orange-colored hair, for example, can also be combined with different shades of red, copper, light orange and terracotta to achieve a unique and trendy look.

Pumpkin Spice Hair

This trendy shade features a warm brown hair color with red and coppery undertones that are reminiscent of fall leaves. You can also tweak this hair trend to best flatter your skin tone. If you have fair skin, opt for Pumpkin Spice Hair with copper and orange tones. If you have dark skin, go for honey and amber tones.

Red Velvet Hair

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your hair color in 2022 then this shade of red is for you. This daring hair trend combines shades of red, purple, burgundy, and maroon to add depth and variety of colors to all of your hair.

Chocolate Cherry Hair

The Chocolate Cherry hair color is exactly what the name suggests: a deep, cherry-red hair color, complemented by rich chocolate tones that are worked into the hair as highlights. You can also choose between an intense or a muted shade of red.

Auburn hair kissed by the sun

Would you like to have your hair dyed auburn? There is no reason to limit your options to a full color when you could instead choose from the best hair colors of 2022 and mix them up. The sun kissed auburn hair trend is a mix of blonde, brunette, and red tones. It’s not so much about highlights and lowlights, but a combination of warm tones that together make a beautiful warm color.

Hair color ideas: combinations with black

Blackberry Hair

We love these food inspired hair trends! If you want to spice up your black hair a bit, then check out these gorgeous blackberry hairs. The black approach merges into striking tips in shades of blackberry.

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Midnight blue hair

If you’re looking to take a break from bright and intense colors in 2022, we feel that midnight blue hair color will suit your needs. As the name suggests, this hair color trend reflects all of the dark hues of the night sky. Here, shades of blue in different nuances can also be used.

Steel Gray Hair

Gray hair continues to enjoy growing popularity. This steel gray shade with a blue sheen is one of the hottest hair color trends right now and is loved by many young women too. You can read more about the granny look in this article.

Ideas for colored hair

Pastel pink hair

Pastel hair, especially pastel pink, has been all the rage for several years! With pastel pink, you will add a playful and vibrant touch to your blonde hair. Adjust the pink shade to match your skin tone. If you have fair skin, try a light pastel pink. If you have olive to dark skin, experiment with a dark shade of pink.

Hidden hair color

We already told you about the hidden rainbow hair. However, you can also experiment with many different hair colors. You can keep your natural hair color at the top and have it colored a brightly colored shade at the bottom.

Holographic hair

The holographic hair color is characterized by a mixture of high-gloss, multi-dimensional pastel highlights that seem to change color before your eyes. The colors are expertly placed to create a 3D holographic effect in your hair! For the ultimate holographic look, colorists typically work with platinum blonde hair.

Neon hair

Neon colors are not only conquering wardrobes, but also nail salons and hairdressing salons. Billie Eilish has since made the neon green approach to black hair a trend. Now more and more women are experimenting with neon hair and making chic statements with neon yellow and neon pink.

Coral hair

In case you didn’t already know, coral was one of the trendiest colors in summer 2021. And that was no wonder, because the Pantone color institute selected Living Coral as the color of the year 2020. Coral red hair goes great with a fair complexion and is often combined with golden strands.

Denim blue hair

The trends of the 90s are currently experiencing a real comeback! A typical example is the denim trend. And it’s not just about denim jackets and straight leg jeans. The hair is also dyed denim blue! What does this hair color look like? Think of your favorite jeans that are too faded. You already know: perfectly faded, totally casual and goes with literally everything in your closet. Now imagine what that would look like on your hair.

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