Step by-step instructions on how to cut your own hair

You’re likely asking why for heaven’s sake you would trim your own hair. Setting aside cash is one explanation, yet dislike getting a hair style like clockwork is especially bank breaking. Truly, you just don’t have to visit a salon at whatever point you need a fast trim. Also, no one knows your hair as well as you do: you know the irregular regular twists that you just apparently can’t handle; the skin coloration on your head that you need to conceal; the items that really do what they say on the tin – why trust someone less learned?

As How To Hair Girl suggests, assuming that you’re a fledgling it’s presumably best to begin with a fundamental braid trim. While you might require a certified beautician to give you a shiny new style, this straightforward strategy is awesome to monitor your long hair.

Step by-step instructions on how to cut your own hair

Stage One: Get your instruments together

You want proficient standard scissors, mirrors, clasps and brushes. Note the word proficient! Old, obtuse scissors won’t measure up. You want a couple that are not difficult to deal with and will convey pleasant, clean cuts. Consider it a venture. You’ll get a good deal on hair styles later on and this is for all intents and purposes a one-time cost.

Stage Two: Prepare yourself…

Before you start, ensure your hair is washed, molded and unraveled. Assuming you decide to trim your hair while it’s wet, that is fine. Yet, don’t go too off the deep end! Brushed wet hair is deceivingly long, so ensure you oblige for a little shrinkage. Assuming that you decide to trim dry hair, fix it in advance to make it simpler to deal with.

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Stage Three: Section off your hair

Beginning at the back, split your hair into areas. Cut 66% of your hair on the top, leaving the leftover third free. Carry your hair to the front so you can see how you’re treating the mirror.

Stage Four: Start cleaving!

The more extended your hair, the more secure you are. Make little cuts first – you can go more limited later 100% of the time. Cut as straight as could really be expected. Whenever you continue on to the contiguous area, contrast the length with guarantee you’re making an even cut.

Begin cleaving

Stage Five: Make an opposite pig tail and proceed

Brush forward the leftover 66% of your hair into an opposite braid and trim your hair straight across. The more you remove, the more outrageous your layers will be. Yet again start little, cutting each inch in turn.

Stage Six: Inspect and rehash (if vital!)

Use mirrors to actually look at the front and back of your hair. Pay special attention to any lopsided cuts, and afterward trim down the abundance as needs be. To go more limited, rehash the whole interaction beginning from stage three.

Trimming your own hair takes practice. You should commit errors – and follow through on the cost with your self-assurance! Be that as it may, with enough assurance, in the long run you’ll get it precisely the way in which you need it.

Styling is a workmanship. It would be offending to affront the calling by saying, “anybody can make it happen.” But it is a teachable ability. Assuming you appreciate trimming your own hair, maybe you’d appreciate trimming another person’s. To turn into a beautician, most apprenticeship programs take around year and a half to finish and will leave you completely qualified to seek after another vocation.

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Trimming your own hair will assist you with creating certainty and manual aptitude; and the best part is that you will not need to stress over miserable clients while you’re preparing! By figuring out how to trim hair, it’s a monetarily valuable as you can function as a versatile beautician and assemble a solid informal presence too!

During this extraordinary time, the vast majority of us are confronting another reality. Many are burning through the greater part of their days at home in self-segregation. Everything except fundamental organizations are shut. Maybe you’ve wound up needing a hair trim. Perhaps you’re worn out on pushing your hair out of your eyes. Luckily, it’s feasible to assume control over issues. Continue to peruse to figure out how to trim your own hair at home. Follow these means, and you’ll be looking invigorated without lament quickly.

Instructions to Cut Your Own Hair


You’ll need to set your provisions up and have them within reach before you start. A few towels to get the fallen hair, a handheld mirror to see your head at all points and the most honed scissors you can find ought to get the job done. Try not to utilize ordinary family scissors if conceivable. They won’t give you an exact slice and will prompt frayed edges. Assuming you can arrange proficient hair shears, that is ideal. In any case, utilize the most keen scissors you own. You’ll get a cleaner cut and have more control with more honed shears.


You might be accustomed to having your hair style when it’s wet. That is on the grounds that beauticians are appropriately prepared to trim the hair with the most accuracy. Since you’re new at this, you most likely won’t have any desire to attempt to be so precise. A superior methodology might be to begin with perfect, dry hair. This guarantees your hair falls into its typical style so you can involve that shape as an aide. It additionally assists with forestalling cutting excessively. Keep in mind, hair recoils up once it’s dry.

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Make SMALL Strides

The main thing to remember while trimming your own hair is to begin with little trims. It’s great to cut less length that you need since you can continuously cut more in the event that you’re not fulfilled. Nonetheless, there’s no way to fix it whenever you’ve cleaved excessively. You likewise need to area your hair off with clasps and work in little areas all at once. Each segment should be an inch or two in width. This permits you to see what you’re working with and to take as much time as is needed.

Start at the front. Hold a little part of hair between your fingertips and utilize short, up clips. You would rather not cut straight across, as this can be excessively unforgiving. It likewise commits errors all the more incredibly self-evident. Rehash this interaction with each part. Take as much time as is needed and recollect you can return all of the time to fix any lopsided spots.

Remember these tips while trimming your own hair at home. Indeed, even a little trim can have a major effect in your appearance and your disposition.

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