Refreshing Hair Trends Two Tone Hair

While hair salons have to stay closed until further notice, it can’t hurt to find some inspiration for our next hairstyle. Two Tone Hair was a real hit back in the 90s and is making a big comeback this year. Lots of celebrities like singer Dua Lipa and Nicki Minaj are true advocates of the look and to be honest – we love their hair! With the trendy look, different parts of your hair are dyed in two different colors, which gives us a little bit of rogue hairremind. It might sound pretty crazy at first, but in the best possible way, right? It doesn’t matter if you are a blonde or a brunette – with a variety of different color combinations, you can grab any shade you want and customize the hairstyle to suit your own style.

Refreshing Hair Trends Two Tone Hair

In times of home office, social distancing and sweatpants, we’ve all more or less neglected our hair in the past few months. After all, it doesn’t matter if these are freshly dyed or cut when we’re locked up at home, does it? But in contrast to last year, an incredible number of super cool hair trends await us in 2022 that we can already look forward to. Spring is arguably the ultimate time to try something new and freshen up our look. And a new hair color is the best way to do it! But what if you can’t decide on a particular hair color? Should it be blonde, brown or would you prefer a gentle ombré? Then how about simply dyeing your hair two tones? From subtle and elegant to bold and gaudy, Two Tone Hair is the latest trend that all fashionistas and celebrities are obsessed with right now! In our article we will tell you how to get the look yourself and the most beautiful hairstyles!

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Two Tone Hair is the ultimate hair trend for 2022

Two Tone Hair is exactly what it sounds like – it uses two colors to add vibrancy to the hair. Whether it’s lighter at the bottom than the top or the other way around, or parting the hair in two colors on the sides – Two Tone Hair is a great option to give our hairstyle a refreshing update. However, it doesn’t always have to be bright and crazy neon colors – you can also opt for a more reserved and everyday color combination. Regardless of whether you are looking for something subtle or eye-catching – with Two Tone Hair you put your mane in the limelight.

It’s that easy to achieve the trendy look at home

Although Two Tone Hair seems like a hairstyle we should visit our hairdresser for, it’s actually pretty easy to achieve the trendy look yourself at home. In contrast to other dyeing techniques such as ombrè and balayage, no special knowledge is required here. In other words – anyone can dye their hair two colors! And in the middle of a lockdown, this is a pretty good way to get crazy and experiment. Whether you dye the hair vertically or horizontally depends on your own taste or style – either way, the end result is stunning! So that hair coloring doesn’t turn out to be a mishap, it is particularly important to determine your starting color. The easiest way is

And that’s how easy it is to dye your hair in two colors

Required materials:

  • Two small bowls for the hair colors
  • Two hair coloring brushes and fine combs
  • An old towel
  • Gloves
  • Fatty cream such as petroleum jelly
  • A couple of hair clips

Two Tone Hair Instructions:

  • Mix the hair colors according to the instructions on the packaging.
  • Depending on whether you opted for the horizontal or vertical look, either part the hair horizontally from ear to ear in the middle or pull a middle part and part it to the side.
  • To avoid discoloration of the skin, apply some petroleum jelly along the hairline and around the ears.
  • And now the fun begins! Apply the first color with the brush strand by strand evenly on the desired section of hair, starting at the roots and then distributing the color to the tips.
  • Cover the dyed hair with foil to keep the color from getting to the other side.
  • Now repeat the above steps with the rest of the hair and now it is time to leave it on. The exposure time always begins after you have finished applying it. It is best to set an alarm clock for this.
  • Lather the hair with a little warm water and rinse the hair color until the water runs clear.
  • Use a hair conditioner or conditioner and you can look forward to your new trendy hairstyle!
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Two Tone Hair: Black and blonde are among the most popular color combinations

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to decide whether she wants to be a blonde or a brunette. But why not both? Call it “modern Cruella Deville”, call it “Yin and Yang” or “Day and Night” – the Two Tone Hair in black and blonde is undoubtedly a real masterpiece! The two contrasting colors create an edgy and at the same time chic look and immediately attract attention.

Dye your hair two-tone in blonde and pastel pink for a refreshing look

If you’re a devoted fan of singer Nicki Minaj, then you know she practically invented the two tone hair trend. While she’s tried thousands of color combinations (and each of them crazier and bolder than the previous one), she’s currently rocking the look with a soft pastel pink and platinum blonde. The two hair colors are very trendy and together result in an incredibly girlish and adorable hairstyle! Wild and yet feminine – the color combination is absolutely flawless and is guaranteed to make your mane shine!

The ombre look as a subtle interpretation of the hair trend

While two tone hair may be incredibly cool, there are still a lot of women who prefer a look that is less dramatic and less flashy. Do you think the hair trend is really beautiful, but prefer to keep things more subtle? We have the perfect solution for you too! In this case, we would recommend that you consider a gentle ombrè. It’s modern and elegant, yet a great way to add a more natural touch to the look. A smooth brown transition gives your blonde hair a vibrant look and an illusion of volume and depth.

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Something for the very brave of you: dye your hair two-tone in red and black

The best thing about the Two Tone Hair is that you can experiment with the color combinations as much as you want! Absolutely anything you like is allowed! Do you like to attract attention and feel like a very drastic change? Black and red hair are two classics that will never go out of style and when you pair the two together you can get a super glamorous look! The look is original and fresh and turns your mane into a real eye-catcher!

Or how about silver and light blue?

Blonde and brunette were yesterday, because silver hair is very popular and more and more fashionistas are daring the bold look! Unleash your creativity and combine the cool shade with a soft pastel blue to really rock the Two Tone Hair Trend!

Two Tone Hair: An overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling

If you want a more subtle change, you can dye the front strands a different color

Vibrant and energetic, this neon green goes perfectly with the black hair

So cute and adorable – this gray and pink combination is perfect for the sunny spring days

Dye the hair two-tone in red and black for a fiery and courageous look

The hair trend is a wonderful way to give your pixie cut a fresh upgrade

If you don’t want to color the whole half of your head, these pastel pink highlights are for you!

Two Tone Hair is great for those of us who are very undecided and love to experiment with the looks

Sometimes a little pop of color is all you need to get a gorgeous and trendy hairstyle

Looking for a trendy look with tons of unique colors? Then consider this gorgeous combination of blue and purple.

Or let your favorite drink inspire you for your new hair color

The look can be as extreme or as subtle as you like

Two Tone Hair caused a stir back in the 90s

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