Pixie Cut: This is how the trendy short hairstyle 2022

Whether as a trendy mini bob hairstyle, with an undercut or a cheeky buzz cut – short hair is undoubtedly one of the hottest hairstyle trends of the year and is really fun! And rightly so – they bring out our facial features perfectly and can easily keep up with any long haircut. Whether in our thirties or a pixie cut for women over 50- the short hairstyle is a timeless classic and is loved by women of all ages!

Pixie Cut: This is how the trendy short hairstyle 2022

The cut looks very elegant and feminine and is also super easy to style. Whether refined and elegant or rather a bit more casual – the cut is incredibly versatile and can be perfectly adapted to every face shape. Granted, cutting your hair so short takes a bit of courage, but the end result is definitely worth it. How good that we’re not the only ones who love short hair. More and more celebrity women have dared to take the radical step in recent years and thus provide us with a lot of inspiration for a beautiful pixie cut in 2022. Are you ready for a little change? Get inspired by the following looks and give the hair salon a quick call!

Pixie Cut 2022: This is how beautiful Jennifer Lopez looks with short hair!

For the millionth time we have to ask ourselves the question: is there something that Jennifer Lopez cannot? The 51-year-old style icon can sing, create desirable beauty products, and look simply stunning in a range of looks! The singer has already created a new hairstyle trend several times with a surprising hair change and has inspired many women to re-style. But this could be her most dramatic change so far, because for the shoot of the anniversary cover of the American magazine “Allure” she appeared with a super short pixie cut in a wet look! The short hairstyle accentuates her gorgeous cheekbones perfectly and the star looked absolutely stunning as always! Whether the pixie cut 2022 is real or just for the cover is not yet clear, but the daring hairstyle definitely suits her!

The trendy pixie cut from Cardi B

When we think of Cardi B, not only do we think of her great hip-hop songs, but also her different and daring styles that she has rocked over the years. Long, straight, curly, in bright neon colors or black – the rapper likes to let it rip and is a real chameleon. In particular, she changes her hairstyles constantly and the unusual wigs have partly become her trademark. At this year’s Grammys, Cardi B surprised her fans again, not only with her performance, but also with a cool pixie cut in pastel purple!

Demi Lovato’s 2022 Pixie Cut looks very flattering

New year, new hair – at least for Demi Lovato. The 28-year-old singer not only broke up with her fiancé Max Ehrich last year, but also with her long, dark brown hair. In an Instagram post, the star showed herself with a super cheeky pixie cut with an undercut in bright pastel pink. But that’s what we call a complete type change! With the trendy hairstyle, the hair on the back of the head is shaved completely short, while the hair section on the top of the head extends approximately to the ears.

Blake Lively is barely recognizable with short hair

Actress Blake Lively has possibly the most enviable and iconic hair in all of Hollywood. The star is known for her glamorous mane, and her blonde hair and luscious curls can be seen from 5 kilometers away. So you can imagine our shock when we spotted her selfie on Instagram with a medium length pixie cut in dark brown! Your fans can calm down, however, because behind the radical change is actually her role in the mystery thriller “The Rhythm Section”. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you whether it is a wig or a real haircut. Either way, however, we have to admit that the 2022 Pixie Cut transformed the “Gossip Girl” star into a completely different person.

The stylish pixie cut by Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has always been a real icon of style, beauty and good taste. Even today at the age of 83, the Hollywood legend still looks simply breathtaking and is considered an inspiration for many women worldwide of all ages. The legendary actress, model and fitness guru knows how to look gorgeous from all sides and from all angles and has already transformed a style into a timeless trend several times. At the 2020 Oscars, Jane Fonda showed herself in a completely different look that she wants to make a statement with, namely a shaggy, gray pixie cut. The star has dared to take a bold step that many women can not even trust and let their gray hair grow out. She believes in getting older and is clear evidence that it is possible to remain a beautiful and stylish woman even when we are over 80 years old.

Mullet Pixie Cut 2022: This is how Miley Cyrus wears the short hairstyle

Singer Miley Cyrus has never shied away from dramatic changes and has taken hair risk after hair over the years and rocked lots of great cuts. Whether a cheeky pixie, a shag cutor long, wavy hair – everything suits the star! Well, last year she actually did it again and made the so-called mullet pixie cut a real hair trend! Apparently, Miley Curys was too impatient to wait for the hair salons to reopen and began her hair experiments at home. And here comes the surprise – her hair was actually cut off by your mother during the quarantine. With the virtual help of the hairdresser Sally Hershberger, Miley’s mother gave her daughter the trendy hairstyle. The haircut is a combination of the pixie and the shag haircut and it reminds us a lot of the 80s. One thing is safe to say: lockdown haircuts can look just as gorgeous and Miley is clear evidence of that!

The Pixie Cut 2022 by Jada Pinket Smith

Actress Jada Pinkett Smith also opted for a pixie cut in 2022 and shows us that the trendy hairstyle can look just as stunning and stylish with curly hair. The 48-year-old actress changes her hairstyle quite often and can move from long braids to short hairstyle overnight. Her platinum blonde locks add a flattering touch to your complexion and the pixie cut brings out her cheekbones perfectly – all in all, a winning combination!

Halsey has also opted for a short hairstyle

From her teal, long locks to a bold buzz cut, singer Halsey’s hair has developed very differently in recent years. The pop star likes to experiment with her look and has already caused a stir several times. But no matter what she does, there is one haircut she keeps coming back to – the pixie cut. And for good reason, because the short hairstyle suits the singer incredibly well and brings out her beautiful face and shining eyes to their best advantage.

The elegant pixie cut by Charlize Theron

Actually, actress Charlize Theron is known for her gorgeous, blonde, shoulder-length hair. But at the 2020 Oscars, the Hollywood star surprised us with a super elegant and glamorous pixie cut. The cut was created by hair legend Adir Abergel and is the perfect proof that short hairstyles can be worn for any occasion.

Zoe Kravitz rocked the short hairstyle

All Zoe Kravitz fans know that the 30-year-old actress likes to make daring decisions about her styling and regularly tries on new looks. Well, no matter what Zoe wears, she always looks great and the short and sassy Pixie Cut 2022 is clear proof of that. However, the haircut is not entirely new to her, as she already wore the trendy hairstyle with light, blonde hair in 2017.

Kate Hudson with Pixie looks beautiful

Kate Hudson is another actress known for her love of messing things up. Whether super long and glamorous curls or short hairstyles – the Hollywood star is a real hair chameleon! For her role in the film “Music” by the singer Sia, however, she took a pretty big step and shaved her head completely. A few months ago, however, Kate Hudson showed up with a beautiful and very chic Pixie Cut 2022 and we have to admit that it looks pretty good on her!

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