Long bob hairstyles: this is how we wear the LOB in summer

The LOB hairstyle trends we see for quite some time on the catwalks and the red carpet. The shoulder-length haircut is particularly practical for the summer, but it also brings other benefits. The long bob gives thick hair and natural curls more lightness and makes fine hair look fuller. And the best thing is that the classic can be reinterpreted and styled again and again. We’ll show you the hottest long bob hairstyles and cuts to try this summer!

Long bob hairstyles: this is how we wear the LOB in summer

What makes the trend hairstyle long bob?

What’s the difference between a bob and a lob? A lob haircut, also known as a long bob, is a longer twist on the trendy bob hairstyle. Lob cuts typically end somewhere between the shoulders and the collarbone. Not too long and not too short – the haircut is often referred to as the golden mean. Both haircuts are popular, but some prefer the long bob as the extra length allows them to experiment with more hairstyles and hair color trends.

Wear a long bob in a blunt cut straight

Don’t get us wrong: we love beachy waves and bouncy curls, but it’s becoming more and more obvious that perfectly smooth shoulder-length hair is also on the rise – and the look looks especially great when paired with a long bob. This also makes the face appear narrower and longer.

The 90s revival also brings back the center parting. The combination with medium-length straight hair in the blunt cut looks particularly chic.

Tousled praise

If you want a bit of texture and volume, you can’t go wrong with the Tousled Lob, in German “bewuschelter Lob”. This is the most popular hairstyle of all bloggers. To style your long bob just casually disheveled, first dry your hair completely and apply heat protectant. Make casual waves with a straightening iron and then comb them out with a curling comb.

Long bob with side parting

The variant of the long bob with sloping bangs and side parting also looks very modern and fits every hair structure, whether straight, curly or in between. Let your bangs grow long and part your hair to reveal your “good” side.

Side swept bangs are longer than the classic bangs and create a particularly romantic look that is difficult to resist. The deeper the parting, the more dramatic the look.

Graduated long praise

This long bob variant is perfect for adding volume to fine hair. The steps are cut fringed and give the hairstyle a casual undone look. Pro tip: use a little hair gel to tame the tips of each strand.

Praise with straight bangs

Take an example from your favorite movie stars and experiment with blunt bangs – we bet you will find it goes perfectly with your lob haircut. The lob with straight bangs will frame your face wonderfully. To give the hairstyle a playful touch, you can turn the tips inwards with an oval round brush.

This trendy look especially flatters women with oval or round faces because it visually shortens the forehead area and draws attention to the mouth and chin.

Praise with water waves in the 20s look

The roaring twenties are one of the most stylish eras of our time. A classy and extremely glamorous hairstyle is the water wave. These tight-fitting waves are perfect for adding an elegant retro touch to the long bob. Styling takes some effort, but you can do it! Here you can find out how to do the water wave hairstyle yourself.

Shaggy lob with curtain bangs

A feathered pony like curtain bangs goes perfectly with a tiered lob in a fluffy look ! It is particularly great that it can be worn with any face shape.

Praise with slip bangs

Slip bangs are a more airy variant of the curtain bang, because they are worn in the middle parting and are particularly practical in summer. The strands can be styled elegantly from the face and merge with the rest of the hair.

Lob hairstyle with a 60s flair

If you want to style a nifty and elegant semi-open long bob hairstyle, you should consider the bouffant. This means the strongly teased back of the head. A bouffant makes a stylish statement and creates an eye-catching look. This unique style also pays homage to the retro era with an impressive amount of volume. Of course, the look shouldn’t look too extravagant.

Double Dutch braid

Braids are especially popular now this summer! Unlike the bob, the lob still has enough hair length to create beautiful braided hairstyles. For the Double Dutch Boxer Braids, for example, the hair must be at least shoulder length. The hairstyle is sporty, casual and cool at the same time!

Flippy praise

Ariana Grande recently showed up with a Flippy praise on Instagram and caused a stir. But also many celebrity ladies like Emilia Clarke and Bella Hadid revived the iconic look with outwardly turned tips from the 90s and proved how elegant the simple hairstyle can even look on the red carpet.

Long bob with short bangs aka baby bangs

The Micropony celebrated its comeback in 2018. It is shorter than the average bangs and belongs to the extravagant stylings. However, this type of bangs is ideal for balancing the proportions of the face because the space between the bangs and the eyebrows visually elongates the face. Combine the baby bangs with wavy hair for an eye-catching look.

Casual half bun

Ponytail and bun are popular options for keeping hair off your face, but can get boring over time. The good news: There is no shortage of simple and practical long bob hairstyles. The half bun, for example, is ideal for keeping hair off your face while drawing attention to your facial features. For the style, the front hair is tied up in a casual bun. The rest of the hair is left open.

Half-up ponytail

Another great half up half down hairstyle is the half up ponytail. Instead of a bun, the front hair is tied in a high ponytail. To hide the hair band, you can separate a small strand from the lower part of the ponytail, wrap it around and secure it with a hairpin.

Long bob with sidecut

To add a sassy touch to your lob hairstyle, you can shave a sidecut. A true epitome of the cool girl aesthetic, this look gives you the opportunity to play with trendy undercuts and shaved designs – for a bold but stylish look. A cool plus: if you part your hair in the middle, the shaved side will stay hidden.

Part the hair in the middle and tuck it behind the ears

This simple yet chic look has a particular geometry and does wonders for highlighting your face while tucking away those annoying strands.

Choppy praise: Long bob thinned out at the bottom

If you don’t opt for the classic, layered haircut, but still want to add a little more structure to your fine hair, then a choppy lob would be just the thing for you. This lob variant is characterized by the fact that the hair lengths are only thinned frayed in the last 3 centimeters. There is no such thing as a completely straight line, the hair can only be slightly longer towards the front. Overall, they fall more loosely and have a summery lightness.

90s revival: the zigzag parting

The zigzag parting is a great way to add an interesting accent to your lob hairstyle even though you are wearing your hair down. It was particularly popular in the 90s, but actually has a timeless charm and brings variety to every hairstyle.

Long bob with A-line

The A-line lob is an asymmetrical cut that frames any face shape to advantage. The hair is cut at an angle and is longer at the front than at the back. The greater the difference in lengths, the more distinctive the look.

Long bob with natural curls

With the oblique lob, even natural curls can get a certain lightness. The shoulder length gives the curls a new swing and is also easier to style. By the way, you can find more beautiful haircuts for natural curls in this article.

Long bob hairstyles with headband

Hair accessories can turn the simplest hairstyles into something special! If you’re keeping your hair out of tune in the summer or having a bad hair day, a chic headband can take your long bob to a new level.

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