Not only women but also men find it great to have long healthy hair. For a men with long hair, you can leave it freestyle, tie it in a man-bun, or try more unorthodox styles.

Now you’re here. Perhaps your barber cut a little too much off during your recent cut, or maybe you’re just eager to rock a hairstyle other than a crewcut or a buzzcut. But the problem is, it takes a long time for men to grow hair.

The average scalp has approximately 120,000 hairs growing on it at any point. There’s a lot of work forces involved in the way your hair is “dressed up.” But at the same time, hair is neither an essential tissue nor a vital organ. Your body never puts its nutritional needs ahead of the rest. So any nutritional “imbalance” would take a toll on your hair before anything else.


The average man grows his hair about a 1/2 inch per month, but it is possible to increase your growth to 1 inch per week. It’s mostly a question of genetics – aka the luck of the draw. You’re not the first, and you’re certainly not the last to wonder how to grow out your hair faster. And while there isn’t a single best way to grow hair overnight, there are some tips and tricks you can leverage to make your hair grow faster, naturally.

Less shampoo, more conditioner



Most of us like washing our hair really frequently. However, most of us also don’t know that washing our hair very frequently strips hair off the natural oils, which is detrimental to hair growth, and also aids to hairfall. Washing with shampoo can cause the hair to become drier and more brittle. If you don’t want your hair at any form of risk – you shouldn’t strip the scalp of this oil daily.

On the other hand, conditioners help to replace the lipids and proteins in your hair, and provide extra moisture to your hair. This is especially important since dry hair doesn’t grow faster, and, once again, shampoos can often strip your hair of necessary oils. You would want to use an excellent natural men’s hair conditioner every day, maintaining the ends of the hairs. It minimizes the risk of tangles, split ends, and breakage, meant to replace the natural oils washed away and keep the hair moist.

To grow hair out faster, we recommend limit your shampoo usage to once or twice a week and start using a leave-in conditioner for men instead. That will keep dryness away, and also help you control hairfall, thereby aiding hair growth. And make sure you use a men’s shampoo with natural ingredients to avoid stripping your hair of its natural sebum oil, leaving you with brittle hair and a dry scalp.

Use the right temperature


We all know that hot water is not good for our skin. That’s true for our hair, too. Hot water strips the natural oils from your scalp, making it more susceptible to damage and breakage. So don’t use it for your shower.

Not only too hot temp can harm your hair-health, so does the too cold temp. Since it may constrict the capillaries on your scalp that carry nutrients and pick up waste products from the skin’s surface, while you would want your blood vessels active to keep the hair cells in good condition.

So, the solution is switching to lukewarm water, at least for the start. A lukewarm shower will help clear away residue from the scalp much better than cold water, allowing hair to grow unimpeded—and thus, faster. Get your head soaked without giving it the shock of a sudden temperature change. When it’s time to rinse at the end, you can turn up the cold just a little bit.

Brush your hair the right way


Brushing your hair regularly with a gentle hairbrush can help speed up hair growth in several ways. First, it helps distribute your hair’s natural oils all the way to the tips, improving the appearance of your hair. Second and more importantly, brushing your hair can stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which has been shown to improve the health of hair.

However, brushing knots out of your hair when wet leads to more breakage due to the stress put on it, so make sure your hair is dry before brushing. If you have a severe tangle you need to get out, try brushing it out with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

Eat healthy


Like every other part of your body, hair needs good nutrients to grow and become healthier. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is one of the ways to ensure that your hair grows stronger and thicker. There are a few main things to keep in mind when it comes to what is needed for growing hair out in a healthy way:

Water – As your scalp can get dry and, like we mentioned up there, a dry scalp has no good for hair growth. You should drink about 1.5-2 liters of water every day, and a little more if you’re exercising or living in warmer conditions.

Protein – Because hair is protein-based. A serving of 120g of meat protein (for breakfast and lunch) is recommended. For vegetarians – you’ll want to go over 120g of plant-based sources such as nuts, beans, legumes, and tofu.

Biotin – For hair cells, like all cells, have a fatty membrane. That menu includes rich sources of Biotin: salmon, oysters, avocados, and nuts.

Vitamin C – Being a resource for producing collagen, it keeps healthy hair and skin. Citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, and red peppers are among the top sources of Vitamin C.

Sleep well and exercise often


Your sleeping habits have a say in how well your hair grows. About 7-8 hours of sleep every night is ideal. It’s during these hours when the body is in constant repair mode. While sleeping, growth hormones would come out and speed up cell reproduction. Sleeping also increases blood circulation around your hair follicles. Therefore, more sleep can get you more active scalp cells, that leads to more hair for you!

Exercise can actually help your hair growth in two different ways. First, exercise helps with growing your hair faster through blood flow and circulation increase. More importantly, high stress levels have been directly correlated to hair loss (such as with telogen effluvium). Focus on taking a proactive approach to reducing your stress by getting 30 minutes of exercise at least a couple of times a week: hit the gym, go for a run, or follow workouts online!

So think of exercise and hitting the sack as two activities that go hand-in-hand. A good workout pumps up the whole body, while sleep keeps the pumps going until the following day. You can also try a scalp massage as it is a good way to stimulate and increase circulation to hair follicles besides doing exercises.

An extra tip we would love to tell you about how to grow healthy hair, especially for men, is quit smoking. Smoking is associated with a range of health issues, including hair loss. It may cause damage to the hair follicle and result in an imbalance in the hair growth cycle. So try to avoid doing it if you want your hair to grow faster!

To be clear, there’s nothing that will make you boost hair growth in a couple of days. However, with a little determination and effort, you can totally get your dream long hair look. And remember to be patient, it takes time but it’ll be worth! We are here if you want any advice or have any question.

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