Hairstyle Trends Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs made a real comeback in 2022 and blossomed into one of the biggest hairstyle trends. Style icons like Brigitte Bardot and Goldie Hawn already wore them in the 1970s. This long, parted pony is styled to the sides like a curtain and looks beautifully casual and elegant at the same time. Since the long bob is also one of the hottest trend hairstyles, it is no wonder that curtain bangs have established themselves as a perfect combination to praise. We’ll explain in a moment how you can wear the hairstyle trend 2023!

Hairstyle Trends Long Bob with Curtain Bangs

So you can combine the long bob with curtain bangs

The trendy long bob with curtain bangs is the perfect choice for women who don’t want long hair but still want some length. With this hairstyle, the hair falls to about the shoulder and the face-framing bangs accentuate the eyes and cheekbones wonderfully. The result is a fashionable, messy look.

Short hair means less gravity to struggle with. This hair length gives you natural volume in your hair, regardless of whether you blow-dry it or air-dry it. A long bob with bangs parted in the middle is ideal for women with wavy and curly hair. With or without heat styling, the bangs fall loosely and voluminously and gently caress the face.

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Women with straight hair will have to put more effort into styling this haircut. Straight hair tends to be difficult to keep the shape of the haircut. Without consistent styling, you run the risk of the bangs hanging flat and voluminous. It would be too short to tuck behind your ear and too long to be worn open.

There isn’t much margin for error in trimming the pony. Find a stylist who is knowledgeable about this pony hairstyle. He should cut the curtain bangs to suit your features, preferences, and lifestyle.

Do you want to gather some inspiration for your next haircut? Then browse through our picture gallery with ideas for a modern long bob with curtain bangs. Pick your three favorite photos and share them with your stylist.

Long bob hairstyle for round face

A center parting flatters almost all face shapes, especially a round face. A long bob with bardot bangs is an easy-care and stylish cut for every hair type. There are so many ways to style this hairstyle: you can wear the hair straight, wavy, pinned up, or open. Plus, with a long bob, you can lengthen the space between hairdressing appointments.

The layered long bob conjures up volume in fine hair

Do you have fine hair? Then a medium length, tiered lob with curtain bangs can add volume and texture to your hair. Styling is fun and easy to achieve with some texture products!

Set accents with color

A center parting can emphasize the symmetry of a face. However, if you want to bring an asymmetrical element into play, you can try the following idea with highlights. Not only does the look look chic, it also looks a bit rebellious.

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Long bob hairstyle for women with glasses

And do glasses and curtain bangs go together? Basically yes, but you should pay attention to the length of the pony and your face shape. The combination works best for oval and elongated faces. When the forehead disappears behind thick, long bangs, the face appears tight and crowded. Instead, you should cut the curtain bangs a little shorter and split them in the middle.

Slip bangs can hide a high forehead

If you have a high forehead, you can cleverly hide it with curtain bangs. And in summer you can wear the slip bangs. They are an extended variant of the curtain bangs and go almost invisibly into the rest of the hair. This will prevent your pony from quickly becoming greasy in summer temperatures.

Long bob with curtain bangs for curly hair

A curly long bob with curtain bangs is a wonderful way to show off natural waves. And when you style the bangs smooth, it creates a nice contrast. A pony hairstyle can be a bit maintenance-intensive, however, as you have to go to trimming every 3-4 weeks.

Long Bob mit Curtain Bangs over 50

A LOB with curtain bangs is a wonderful way for women over 50 to hide the wrinkles on the forehead and give thin hair more volume. The trend hairstyle brings out your cheeks, your jaw and your cleavage beautifully and makes you look younger.

Bob hairstyles are extremely popular with women over 50 because they are easy to care for, practical and feminine at the same time. A curtain pony gives a classic haircut the right amount of casualness and makes it look fresh and modern.

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