Back-to-school is exciting to both kids and their parents. New school year, new challenges, new teachers, new friends. And this is also the time you would want to give your kids the best looks with new clothes and some great hairstyles, especially to your little princesses.


There are so many lovely hairstyles to try on your baby girls as they can have a stylish hairdo when showing up in school days. We understand that you may find it difficult to style your child a cutie hair look. So we brought here some inspos. Now take a look!

Bubble Twist

This hairstyle looks so much fun, isn’t it? Those colorful hair rubber bands just add the extreme sweet vibe to your kids. Nothing can be more adorable than this bubble twist for your little girl.

And this style is really easy to achieve. All you need are a comb, moisturizer, and colored rubber bands. Part the hair into small sections and adorn it with rubber bands. Smoothen the edges with a hair gel to make the hair look neat. This kid’s hairstyle is ideal for children with a diamond face shape.

Double Dutch Braids

It’s beautiful, it’s cute, sweet and it also gives your child a neat look. Your little one can surely have fun at school without worry about ruining the hairstyle you made for her.

To create the look, you start by creating a center part. We suggest making an imaginary line from nose up to determine where the middle is. Apply a hair braiding balm throughout the loose strands to give it extra texture and grip. Then split the loose hair into three even sections. Plait the hair by weaving the right under the middle, and the left under the middle – adding hair from the base as you go. Secure it with an elastic at the tail. And repeat the Dutch braid process on the other side.

Mickey Mouse Buns

An easy yet cutie hairstyle perfect for your kid, especially when she has curly hair. All you need to do is section the hair into 2 equal parts and then make a bun on each of them. So easy right? But look how cute it went on your little princess hair!

Minnie Mouse Buns

Mickey Mouse Buns is really quick to achieve, while this Minnie Mouse Buns seems a bit more “quite take time”.

It begins by parting the hair down the middle of head. Create a high ponytail on each side of part line, and secure with an elastic. Using a smoothing brush, comb only the topmost layer of the teased hair to create a smoothed out look instead of an irregular bumpy look. Next, pull out a portion of the elastic at the base of the ponytail, and pull the ponytail hair partially through one last time, you should now have a small fan shaped bun. Then, spread the fan out until it touches each side of the ponytail base. Split the left over hair from the ponytail into two section, and stuff each section of  hair into the tunnel-like hole created by the fanned bun. Spread the fan out again over the hair  and bobby pin the bases into place. Lastly, you can add a good holding hairspray and add a bow or two for your little girl.

Double Bubble Braids

Two bubble ponytails and colorful elastics. That’s enough for a fun and active baby girl look at school. We recommend you let your child pick their accessories, whether it’s a ribbon or colored rubber bands.

First, make a part in the center of the head. On one side, take an inch section and secure with an elastic. Repeat going down each side, adding small sections of hair (like you would with a braid), and securing sections along the way. Continue all the way to the ends of hair, adding elastics every one to two inches, depending on hair length. Repeat on the other side.

Baby Pineapple Curls

This hairstyle is the cutest way to showcases your child’s natural curls and really easy to get. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel (depending on the hair texture) and diffuse or let air dry. Then you flip her head forward and pull all hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the head. Finally, add a headband or bow to add some style and coordinate with your child’s outfit.

Baby Waterfall Pigtails

For younger children or for those with short hair, this easy double pigtail style is cute and fun. Create a part straight down the center of the head. Secure the pigtails with clear elastics high on the top of the each. After securing, gently pull each pigtail side to side, pulling it apart slightly. Don’t pull too tight, but doing so will create a more fluffy, “waterfall” look. If desired, add bows, butterfly clips, or a colorful ribbon on top of the clear elastics.

Criss-crossed braids

Gather the hair together and separate it into two parts, then tie each together with a hair tie to make two ponytails. Cross one over the other, then gather more hair near the neck and fix everything in place at the back of the head. You can cross the two ponytails over several times and come up with a more individual variation.

High Side Ponytail

Kid’s hairstyles don’t need to be too complex. It also doesn’t need to involve a lot of braiding and twisting. You can just comb the hair apply lightweight oil, and create a high side ponytail. Moreover, you can accessorize the hair to make it look more cute and fun. It is a wise idea to give your kid’s hair a break in-between twists with this hairstyle.

 A Twisted Ponytail

A wonderfully elegant hairstyle which is actually very easy to do. Part the hair to one side. On one side, separate off a thin lock of hair close to the face and above the ear and twist it into a braid (your child can help you here by holding onto to it at this point). Then gather up the remaining, larger amount of hair using a comb and tie it together with the bundled-up braid to make a low ponytail slightly to one side. Loosen the hair tie a little so that the hair can be pulled out slightly to make a more flowing ponytail.

A-Line Bob

The hairstyle that was once perceived to be one of the top hairstyles for business women has managed to make inroads to be considered top choice for little girls too. This beautiful hairstyle here is about nice side parted hair that looks amazing due to the cut itself. The way hair cover her face actually speaks a lot about this beautiful style. All in all, it’s one of the best looks your little girl could achieve.

High Pigtails

Little girls with 2 cute high pigtails is absolutely 10/10 adorable. Section your child’s mane into parts and tie each part with pigtails then there you made a beautiful look for her.

Wash And Go

The wash-and-go style is one of the easiest and low maintenance styles.  As the name suggests, this hairstyle requires you to wash your kid’s hair, apply moisturize, comb it a little, and your little one is good to go. The style can suit children with all face shapes.

Twisted Half-Up Waterfall

For a special occasion or school dance, this style is a showstopper. Curl the entire head with a curling iron. Once set, shake out curls for a looser, more boho vibe. Take two small sections from either side of the head just above the eyebrows and pull back. Secure with a clear elastic. Flip the ponytail under and through itself, creating a twist in the pulled back sections. Gently pull apart the left and right sides for a more relaxed look. You can also be creative with this hairstyle to make it more a gorgeous look, like in the picture up there.

Bow-Shaped Bun

This is a really cute hairstyle for a little princess. Gather up the hair into a ponytail near the top of the head  and wrap a hair tie around the it one time. Now twist the hair tie around the ponytail again. Be sure to keep the hair tight. Now wrap one more time, but do not pull the hair all the way through the hair tie – instead leave a loop. Your child should now have a super tight bun on top of their head with the extra hair sticking out the front. Now separate the bun in half and grab three bobby pins. Spread the bun completely in half and smooth everything out with your hands so it looks even. Now pull the excess hair up and through the middle of the bun. It goes right through the bun separating the hair and creating the “bow”. Now use one of your bobby pins to secure the hair in the back of the head.

Baby Ballerina Top Knot

It’s so simple but looks so sleek and put together. Spray her hair with water, brush it into a high ponytail and then twist the hair before wrapping it around itself and securing it with another rubber band. Add a bow or a scrunchie under the top knot and you’re done!

Two Braids

Classic and cute. Boom! A perfect combo. This hairstyle is also quite fast to achieve. Part her hair down the middle, put one side in a loose rubber band so the part stays, then spray the opposite side with the spray bottle, comb her hair flat and braid all the hair. Fasten it with a small rubber band and repeat on the other side. And last, you can choose to put a lovely hair bow at the top or at the end of each braid.

Triple-Twisted Ponytail

You can try this slightly more complex but more impressive style once you’ve got the hang of the simple twisted ponytail. Begin by making a ponytail close to the crown of the head, then perform a ‘pull-through’ with the hair tie. Then make a second ponytail lower down the back of the head, combining loose hair with the end of the first ponytail, and do another pull-through. You can do several ponytails using this method down the back of the head.

Milkmaid Braids

It looks fancy but actually is just two braids plus a handful of bobby pins. Do two braids just like normal, but do them more over their ears/on the side of the head than normally. Then cross them over the top of their head or across the back, tuck the ends under each other and then bobby pin them in place so they don’t fall out.

Headband for Short Hair

If you decided to get your child a hair cut before she’s back for school, you may want to consider this. Tying a ribbon or wearing a headband adds flair to any hairstyle, no matter what hair length she has. This is a great quick way to give your little one a more cute and elegant look when she come meet her new friends.

Now get ready to have your little girls their dream princess look for a new school year! And don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about hair!

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